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What does it take to win the World Championship? Not an easy question to answer and one that Garry Taylor had pondered long and hard as team manager. "I think that it took both us as a team and Kevin a while to learn that you have to focus entirely on what you are trying to do. Its called management by objective. You decide that you are going to win the World Championship and that actually gives you a clarity in the decision making process. You then judge every decision you make from what staff you employ almost to what hotel you stay in on the basis of 'how is it going to effect your World Championship chances?"

"I think you actually find that if you do that you can push on very well. It is such a complicated business that unless you are that dear about it and it took us a long time to realise that, you get sidetracked into all sorts of ego problems and all sorts of sidings that it is difficult to back out of. That is what we learnt and what Kevin learnt and luckily we all did it at the same time."

Garry and Stuart talking to each other.

The end of an incredibly successful season for the Lucky Strike Suzuki Team. Alex winning the last Grand Prix of 1993 and being joined on top of the rostrum by Kevin, the new World Champion. The reason for everyone's involvement.

"That might mean that you don't do a press conference or something that the sponsor would like you to. We've always had an understanding that we don't use Kevin at all on Sunday for anything and luckily our sponsor is very understanding. It gets more and more difficult for them to be under- standing because the amount we are obliged to test now practically takes up all the winter. In the past you used to do the race season and forever put the sponsor at ease by saying that we will deal with all this PR for you over the winter when things are a bit quieter, well basically they don't ever get quieter any more."

"Fortunately Lucky Strike have been very understanding about that. At the end of the day they pay us an awful lot of money to go out and win races and get exposure. Now we get the biggest amount of publicity by Kevin ideally winning or at least finishing in the top three of a race. If you don't do that you really aren't getting any exposure at all. Anything that detracts from our ability to do that ultimately detracts from the exposure we end up giving the sponsor.

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