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Dr. Claudio Costa has played a very important part in Kevin's Grand Prix career, accidents are virtually unavoidable in racing and Kevin has had at least his fair share. For the most part Kevin stayed out of the Clinica Mobile in 1993 but when he did need Dr. Costa and his crew they were there. Dr. Costa says that part of the reason for Kevin's World Championship win was his determined nature. "In one respect it is very simple. Kevin is an exceptionally strong character. From a medical standpoint it is more complex, he understands very well what is required to go racing and go racing successfully. If he has a problem he picks up every detail of what he must do and what he needs to be fit enough to race again."

"He is very intelligent about it and does exactly what I say. That in itself is important but with Kevin there is more, he is very fit and with that and his tremendous determination he recovers very quickly, remarkably quickly. He is very focused, he knows what he wants to achieve and he does it, nothing gets in his way.

You have to say that there is a spark of folly there, not a terrible amount but it exists. There is a balance of course but with Kevin that balance seems to me to be just about perfect. There is always a risk associated with racing and associated with recovering from injury as quickly as possible. The risks must not be ignored. Kevin is certainly not crazy he wants to race and wants to race as soon as possible but he is not crazy.

Dr. Costa is the man who really takes care of Kevin, "says Gary Taylor. "Kevin has total confidence in him. it is important that has that sort of relationship. He does whatever Claudio tells him and it works. You have to say that Kevin as much as anybody has taken advantage of Claudio's services because he has ended up needing them more often than other people."

"Claudio has always sorted him out and sometimes in remarkably short time. Part of that is due to Kevin's amazing ability to heal and I'm sure that part of the reason for that is the confidence in Claudio and his methods."

Kevin always refers to Dr. Costa even when he has been injured away from the Grand Prix and has needed treatment elsewhere he will still refer to Costa for advice. Costa has so much experience with racing injuries and with a racer's temperament that he is seen as an essential part of their team by many riders. Costa is in love with racing and is somewhat awed by the achievements of those in his charge both in racing and medical terms. At the team World Championship celebration in Paris Dr. Costa was presented with a sculpture of a motorcycle in marble. For the Italian it was a very touching moment and he later wrote thanking him. The letter included the following.

"I have received few things of real value during my life, but one of these was, without doubt, received during that unforgettable evening in Paris on 18th December '93"

"Beyond the value of the gift, and the unique artistic merit of the award, I was truly moved by the esteem and friendship which you showed me."

"In particular Kevin's eyes and embrace made me feel a participant in that superb feat - his victory in the World Championship."

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