blurred past

The Medical people at the track were good, as soon as they realised that the injury was not life threatening they just stabilised things and let him fly home, it was the end of the season and there was no rush to see if he could ride in a week or two and anyway, the injury was far too serious for that. It was a thirty hour flight but he was glad to he able to a see a specialist who could tell him what he wanted to know, that he would he OK. "Honestly, when I first saw my hand when I crashed, I wondered. If had dislocated all my metacarpal hones, I mean it looked as though I had a softball under my skin on the top part of my hand."

Kevin is sure that his Hockenheim win resulted in Wayne's last lap mistake at Assen. "I know that's all Wayne was thinking about, that he wasn't going to let me do the same thing I'd done to him in Germany."

Kevin was immediately concerned about the fact that he would miss the testing for the '92 season but there was nothing he could do about that. Riding a race bike was out of the question but at least he could go hunting after a few weeks and he went to Colorado, shot Elk and Mule deer.

By the ninth of January Kevin was testing at Eastern Creek and Rainey was not expected on a bike until later in the month. Doug Chandler had replaced de Radigues in the Suzuki team and had already tested the bike at the end of '91. An even bigger change as far as Kevin was concerned was that Stuart Shenton had joined the team as his race engineer while Simon Tonge moved over to look after Chandler. It was the end of an association that had started with Kevin's earliest Grand Prix season but time had magnified problems and the consensus was that a change was needed. Shenton brought with him a long history of Grand Prix experience.

Kocinski had already tested the Yamaha at Eastern Creek and the news was that he had lapped in the 30s so when neither Doug nor Kevin could do better than low 32s they were not impressed. He found that the bike had changed little in effect and still had the same balance problems, "chasing the front or the back depending on how we bad the bike set up." At least his hand was not causing him too much of a problem having healed well.

Heeling over at Paul Ricard.

Sliding with the `Desert Storm' helmet at Laguna Seca.

Holding off Doohan, Kocinski and Rainey at Suzuka.

Sorting it out. The team pit in Japan.
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