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"My biggest goal just from Friday afternoon was just to try and score some good points. If I couldn't win, at least try and be second. I didn't feel like there were many other people out there besides Ed who could beat me except maybe Doug. I felt like I was in for a top three no matter what. I didn't feel like we could do much worse than that. As it turned out there was one other option."

Kevin, still using the old even firing order engine, had the lead with the Cagiva on his tail, but starting lap seven Lawson tried to squeeze down the inside entering the first tight right hander. There was no room, the Cagiva touched the rear of the Suzuki and both ended in the ditch.

"As far as the accident goes, I say it's his fault, he says it's my fault. We'll argue about that until both of our racing days and probably our days in general are over, it'll be an argument between Eddie and myself. It is the same with everybody, if you look at it biased one way or the other, that is the way you are going to see it I was in front, that's my only argument, I didn't know where he was. I sure as hell didn't know he was coming up the inside."

"Then it was into the hospital, dislocated left hip, broken left forearm just above the wrist. The hip really really really hurt. It is not just like breaking a bone and when it breaks it is broken, the pain is not really there. There is a little pain if they set it while you are awake, no anaesthesia. Of course there's some pain then but a dislocation is a pain unlike any other because it has all the muscles, all the nerves stretched, everything around that joint in a position its not supposed to be in. It really really hurts worse than any other type of injury."

Jim is washing the Schwantz motorhome, Kevin is helping Mick Roberts with Ted's............. before the Assen Incident.

Kevin on Dr. Costa "he's always there every weekend, its the same person and he's really good as far as knowing what it takes to get someone back physically ale to ride."

"Other doctors' reaction normally is, `Oh you shouldn't be moving it you shouldn't be doing anything.'"

"the worst thing about a fracture from the patient's point of view is not the time taken for the bone to heal but the time taken to recuperate after everything is fixed. Dr. Costa's main theory is that you start working the thing as soon as possible after the bone is stuck together. You want to try and eliminate any more time off, any more time in a cast. 80% of the problem once you're injured is getting everything working again."

"After I crashed in Malaysia at the beginning of `92 my hand was hand was broken in seven places, one finger was broken in four places, busted twice on the back of the hand and the little finger was broken. I'm sure a non racing doctor would have said, `two months in a cast, four of five weeks with this one then we'll put a new one on then eight weeks of rehabilitation,' the season would be done."

"Any time you're injured and missing races every day when you woke up you're thinking, `hell how am I going to make those points up, what am I going to do now.' The best healer for that is just to get back and ride again."

"When they put it back in I guess we got real lucky and everything must have gone back just perfect because the hip has been no problem what so ever. Two weeks after that I raced in Hungary and doctors said I shouldn't even be out of bed yet. The first theory was ten days to two weeks flat on your back then get around on crutches. Well with a broken forearm crutches weren't going to be easy."

"The Thursday after the accident, five days after the accident I was up and anything I needed to do I did on foot, I had already walked a little bit on Wednesday. Mick and I flew in an airplane that Costa arranged back to Bologna then drove down to Imola where his clinic is."

"One of the Doctors who does the Grand Prix, Peter Richards, sent me a fax to Hungary before I even practiced and said 'Kevin I really wish you'd reconsider what you are going to do I have talked to my orthopedic specialist and what you are doing is not right and if you have got any questions call me. Fax ignored.... he hadn't seen me in two weeks. Just to say it was a dislocation and you shouldn't be racing is too much of a generalisation. Costa said it was at least as strong as my right hip, he pushed and pulled against the ligaments and said it was fine."

Into the air ambulance with Mick, on the way to Dr. Costa's Clinic in Italy. Then getting some jabs in the shoulder, all part of the fun.

"Everything went fine in Hungary as far as the leg went. The biggest problem I had was getting strength in my left arm. The radius had been plated and I needed a cast position that gave my arm the most strength. I tried, it must have been a half a dozen different casts over the weekend, trying to get a position that was exactly right."

"I have to give lots and lots of credit to all the guys at Costa's in the Clinica Mobile for all their work. I probably spent three times as much time in the Clinica as I did on my bike. It had to have been four hours a day at least, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They will put a cast on and if you walk down and sit on the bike and it doesn't feel right and no matter how much cutting and trimming they have done on that special cast it doesn't matter they just cut it straight off and start again. They seem happy enough to do it, no matter how many times it takes to get it right."

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