blurred past

'I got quite a 'bollocking' from the marshals afier the race. We had a meeting, called by our team manager Garry Taylor and the FIM decided that we should try and get things explained. We had this meeting and all I got was abused by the marshals for making them look like idiots in front of the crowd and millions of TV viewers. They said that when I ran across the track all I did was get the crowd going and make them look stupid."

"They are volunteers and they do it because they like to and because they love the sport but this is more than just a club race. This is a World Championship and there is a lot of money involved. The secretary of the meeting told me that these guys work so many weekends and they have so many races a day, twelve or fifteen, that they have four hundred a year. Maybe to them it was just another race and they didn't realise why we were so upset at what had happened but that sort of thing can alter the result of the World Championship. I'm not saying it did, but it could."

That made it mathematically impossible for Kevin to match Doohan's points score, Rainey did overtake the Australian to claim his third title in a row and Kevin admits that it left him little to race for over the last two rounds. Brazil was a terrible place and no one wanted to stick their neck out there. Kyalami was reasonable but Kevin rode cautiously and finished fifth behind Doug.

He was totally up front about his frame of mind. "It was kind of hard to go out there and take any kind of major risk, I wasn't going to get second in the championship. I have to say that I was already thinking about next year. I couldn't forget that I had hurt myself at the last race last year and that had screwed up the winter's testing. It was the middle of February before I felt anything like 100% on the bike. I wanted to get out of this season in one piece and have a good off season testing to be in good shape for next year."

Assen: Doohan, Rainey and Gardner were all out if action. Early in the race Kevin led from Lawson, Barros and Chandler. Doug crashed and then as Garry Taylor put it, "I think that Kevin was pretty much on course to have a serious attack at the championship but it was ended by a bowling ball in the shape of Eddie Lawson."

Carabineri Capers - How not to endear one self to the local boys in blue when you are in Italy. . The forty four gallon drum explosion as Kevin reported in his column following his Italian Grand Prix at Mugello in 1992. "On Sunday night I went to a Lucky Strike dinner. It was a nice quiet little dinner at the hotel, cheers and a couple of beers. Back to the track at about ten thirty, we found some of these little fire sticks that the Spanish people give us. We decided to let a few off, make some noise and have some fun."

"About twenty minutes later the Carabineri turned up and they insisted that we were doing wrong. I honestly don't know too much about Italian law but I don't think that letting off fireworks is against the law. We weren't throwing them in a pile of gas, we weren't being dangerous, or destroying anything."

"I mean they turned out in strength, four or five cars, some fifteen policemen. There was me, Randy, Mick Roberts (Lawson's motor home driver) and Mackenzie, 'cept Mackenzie saw the cops coming and ran. He took straight off and locked himself in his motor home. I reckon he barred the door."

"In the end another ten or so municipal police or security guards turned up, about the only people we didn't have there was the army. They were carrying on, jabbering away in Italian, a lot of arm waving. One of them had a dog, I think it was a dope dog or a gun sniffing dog and I guess he thought he was going to find something, make the big score, the Italian connection and bust somebody."

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