blurred past

How not to spend your time on a Sunday evening. Kevin caught placing firecrackers in a rubbish drum. The drum was then upturned and blown several feet in the air dishing the base with the force of the explosion. A ludicrously dangerous pastime.

"And of course we all made a big joke of him going round with his dog. He didn't think it was funny, none of the other Police thought it was funny. So now we had twenty to twenty five police and this guy who'd make a noise to his dog, a command, and his dog would lunge at one of us. The Policeman would hold him on the lead but the dog had his teeth in your face up on its hind legs straining against it's minder, breathing hot and stinky up your nose."

"It wasn't too pleasant and we were saying, 'Hey! get your dog down.' We hadn't done anything to deserve the riot dog tactics, whatever the guy thought he was doing."

"Everything finally settled down after about an hour of back and forth, back and forth. We said OK we wouldn't set any more bombs off. So all the guys get back in their cars, the guy goes to put his dog in the car. I was sitting in the lawn chair next to the motor home and as the guy with the dog shuts his door I barked at it, good and loud. The guy jumps out of his car comes tearing up and kicks the lawn chair so hard it threw me back. If the toe of his boot had connected he would probably would have broken my leg, it was that hard. As it was it was the sole."

"So I jumped up and wanted to kick something of his. I ran over, took a swipe at the mirror on his car and of course I broke it off. Well all the Carabineri, the police, all got out of their cars again. Kevin over the hood, hands pulled behind my back. 'You're going to jail!!' I understand just enough Italian to know the bad words, that's basically all I know and they were cussin' good."

"So of course I'm catching everything they say and its making me madder by the minute. So things go back and forth about this for another forty five minutes or so and all the Michelin guys had turned up, George (Vuckmanovich), the Gilera team, and they started translating. 'You know if you don't pay them they're going to take you to jail'."

"So I said, 'how much do they want' and they wanted $20. So I said well I'm not going to pay. The guy kicked me first before I broke anything of his. They said, 'Kevin, this is Italy, you don't understand, these guys say you have got to pay the money or you are going to get taken to jail.' "

"I said that I didn't do anything that deserved to get kicked so I got mad enough to make me go over there and break the mirror. We argued and argued and argued. Finally they said. 'If you don't pay the money, we're not going to take you to jail, we're going to impound your motor home.' "

"I decided that that was probably going to be more trouble than it was worth. So I paid the money. This was now two hours with the police on a Sunday night for what I think was Italian Police harassment. The Lire 20,000 that I gave them was in about fifteen or twenty pieces, I'd tore it up so many times."

"The police were all back in their cars as, in frustration, I walked over to the car with the dog guy and insisted that he give me the mirror I had just paid for. They all jumped back out of their cars thinking it was going to all start happening again. it didn't and finally they went off.... That was Sunday night in Mugello."

Fireworks are now banned from the paddock so it is a little less likely that a fire storm will sweep through the multi million dollar motorhome and transporter line up. The fans, particularly the Spaniards are as fond of them as ever and the noise generated during some Grand Prix totally blots out the racing machines.

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