blurred past

"More than anything in practice I was just testing myself, trying to make sure that I could ride and not get myself in a predicament that might cause me or somehody else problems. We set the bike up so that it was pretty easy to ride and I guess in the race we found out that being set up that way the bike wasn't really up to staying with Gardner and Rainey even though I was feeling really good."

"I had some trouble with the bike cutting onto three cylinders and then the hand started to get sore so third was a pretty good result. After the race we were coming down off the rostrum. This big fat Spaniard busted past three policemen and grabbed Wayne's Michelin hat. The policeman wrestled his hat back and gave it to Wayne so the fat guy started shoutin' at me, Ugh!! Hey!! Schwantz!! Hat!! Hat!!" U "He was as big as a grizzly hear and twice as ugly. I wanted out of there and started walking back to our pit at a pretty fast pace. I got quicker and quicker until I was runuin' and he was runnin', breathin' heavy behind. I could hear this great bear gruntin' and I knew I wasn't getting very far ahead."

"I got to the garage and slammed the door behind me Well he hit the door before he could stop, I thought he was comin' straight through. He was shoutin' and bangin' on the door like he was going to smash through it. He tried to stick his face through the grill in the door and one of the guys tried to calm him down with a dose of contact cleaner but that didn't seem to phase him none."

"We were just standin' there stuck in the garage until he finally gave up and went away. I started to wonder what Sort of fans I was attracting."

At the next round in Italy Kevin was still receiving serious treatment for his injured wrist while Rainey racked up his third win out of four races. Luck was on the side of the Californian for just as he started to be troubled by a cracking front disc it rained enough for the race to be stopped. It was then restarted after Rainey's team had swapped discs.

The next round was at the Nurburgring and seven weeks after the Laguna Seca accident Kevin's wrist had mended. He won the race comfortably from Rainey who had hurt a finger in practice and Niall Mackenzie was third on the second Lucky Strike Suzuki. Mackenzie had joined the team to replace Magee starting with the Spanish round in Jerez.

Simon Tonge gives his thoughts on possible solution to Kevin during practice for the Italian Grand Prix at Misano. The race was split into two legs because of rain. Fortunate for Rainey as his team found cracked front discs and changed them.


Kevin won again in Austria but this time it was a down to the wire battle with Rainey and they both set their fastest laps at the end of the race. The Michelins were obviously holding up well.

"The next race was in Yugoslavia, not a bad race track in a way but the country was never fun to go to. The best thingabout it was that we used to stop and camp by a lake in souther Austria on the way there. It's a place called Kiagenfurt, a real neat place where I thought about buying a house for a while. Its a great place for mountain biking through the forests round the lake, plenty of trails and some pretty steep going. There are a couple of nice golf courses as well so a few of us would park up in the campsite and spend a few days or a week there if the calendar worked out that way."


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