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""That year I also went mountain biking with Niall when we got to the circuit at Rijeka. It's real rocky there and we used to go behind the paddock up this real long rocky climb. Coming back down Niall got a flat tyre. Just as we were getting back near the pits we met Trevor Morris one of the mechanics who was working for Garriga at the time."

"Assen is a good one to win. its always good to win in front of 150,000 or so people and its a real demanding track, it is a hard physical track. Its a long lap and you really have to concentrate, be right on top of things."

"He was headed back up the hill and asked us how far we had gone. When we told him we had only gone as far as the top because the down side is too steep and rocky so that you just have to carry the bike back up he said, Yeah! well that's where the real men go ' That night he was brought back to the paddock in a police car. He rode down into a military base and ended up with a gun to his head."

'In the race I completely blew the start. By the time I got up to second Wayne had gone and Niall and I just rode round as fast as we could to take second and third."

Kevin got another bad start at Assen but this time he managed to storm back and score a classic win over Wayne. "It came down to the last six laps with me in front by just over a second. Then I made a mistake, got into one corner way too deep, lost all my drive coming out and then had a bit of a slide. I had to string together four real good consistent laps to make sure that Wayne couldn't get me at the end."

"Spa was OK until it rained for the race, then it was just a disaster, all the Suzuki did was wheelspin." Kevin finished seventh, Wayne won and left Belgium with a thirty five point championship lead.

"We knew it was going to be tough to win the championship from there but we kept trying, we went to Le Mans and tested before the Grand Prix." There was no limitation on testing then. Now teams are not allowed to test at Grand Prix circuits once the season starts other than at their designated testing circuit.

The test at Le Mans helped and even though he got another bad start he won comfortably. Wayne's third kept the points gap too large. There were still five rounds to go though so anything was possible.

"Before Donington we went to Rob Mac's place for a few days. He took me mountain biking on the Yorkshire moors. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I think he was trying to pay me back for nearly getting him killed when we took the dirt bikes to Baja that January."

"We went up this first hill and as we started climbing Rob looked over his shoulder, gave me that toothy laugh of his and said, 'this first climb's straight up for an hour.' I thought he was joking."

"Forty five minutes later we were still going straight up, first gear, pushing as hard as you can leaned over the bars just trying to keep the bike moving. It was really really tough."

Belgium in the pouring rain is not a fun place to be, it is fast and the surface slippery. Rainey leads from the start on the Marlboro Yamaha with Lawson, Doohan and Gardner following ahead of number 34. "Spa was OK until it rained for the race, then it was just a disaster, all the Suzuki did was wheel spin." recalls Kevin who had qualified on the pole by three quarters of a second over Rainey. He finished seventh, Wayne won and left Belgium with a thirty five point championship lead.

Kevin survived the Mac attack and was in great form at Donington. "I didn't get a great start, I was seventh or eighth going into Redgate but got past a few people on the first lap. It didn't take me too long to get by Eddie and then I was second behind Wayne. They were both in the Marlboro team then and I thought I might get a bit of team work done on me so I decided to pass Wayne."

"My bike was so good coming down Craner Curves. I did have one big slide there. I flicked it right then flicked it back left. I was too far out so I just tapped the back brake and the rear started to come around sideways. I was on the gas and it just kept sliding. There was this big long black rubber mark on the road and every lap after that I had a good look at it."

"In the press conference after the race this guy said, 'You looked like you had the race in control from the word go.' "

"I said 'well ' Lawson leaned over and said in my ear, 'You weren't in control going down the hill.' "

"My hands were on the bars, my feet were on the pegs..."

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