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A Classic win at the Hockenheimring over arch rival Wayne. Garry Taylor feels that pinpointing the source of Kevin's motivation is not difficult. "The challenge, the need to win. I think specifically in recent years the need to beat Wayne Rainey. When Kevin first came over to Grand Prix, he'd had a few season's racing with Wayne but they'd never really had many wheel to wheel dices. It had always been that either the bike Kevin was on was more competitive than Wayne's or vice versa."

When he started Grand Prix I think that Kevin felt, and had always felt, that he was a better rider than Wayne. I think that's not being big headed but that's what a rider needs to win, to have the possibility to win. I think that Wayne's continual ability to win World Championships motivated and annoyed Kevin so much."

"I think that the relationship between him and Wayne was so good because they trusted each other no to do anything dangerous. Although Kevin would be incredibly frustrated, disappointed and angry if he lost to Wayne, over and above that he could still enjoy the race."

I remember on occasion, I think it was the famous Hockenheim race where he was so excited because he felt it was the first time he had raced Rainey the whole length of the race and beaten him. It was the first time he had outridden him rather than being a case of his tyres had gone off of Rainey's tyres had gone off or an engine gone sick or one of them baulked by a backmarker or something, nothing got in the way of a straight race to the flag. I know that was a very special race for Kevin."

"I was in really really deep, I went all the way back to first, the back was in the air, the front intermittently locking up going skip, skip, skip into the turn. I was across to the inside but managed to get it turned and still leave Wayne enough room so I didn't run him on the grass coming out. "

"I had the drive down to the Sachs curve and got there in front of Wayne, that was the race."

Kevin needed that win, it had been a lousy first half of the season apart from Suzuka. Unfortunately at the following round at the Salzburgring Rainey and Doohan broke away early leaving Kevin to a race long battle with Wayne Gardner on the second Rothmans Honda. With the Suzuki's front tyre not working the way he wanted it Kevin was still battling with the Honda at the end of the race. He got the better of a fairing scrubbing incident on the second to last lap and took third.

The European Grand Prix at Jarama resulted in fourth place, Doohan had a forty point lead and Rainey twenty eight. Honour at least was salvaged by a win in Holland after another, to the line battle with Rainey. This time it would have gone to the Californian but for a last corner mistake.

The race was initially red flagged because of rain after four laps and Kevin lined up for the restart with a half second time advantage. Starting the last lap Wayne was in front but Kevin would win if he was on his tail crossing the line. "On the last lap Wayne put together a lap that had absolutely no flaws in it any where. Coming into the chicane for the last time I'm sure he had me by more than three quarters of a second. He just outbroke himself going in, got on the grass and I managed to beat him across the line."

"I kind of feel that it was Hockenheim that caused it to happen, I know that's all Wayne was thinking about, that he wasn't going to let me do the same thing I'd done to him in Germany. I think had he taken a quick glance over his shoulder anywhere round that last lap he would have realised it wasn't down to an outbraking manoeuvre at the chicane, he had me beat."

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