early GP years

Unfortunately there were more tracks where the Suzuki did not work than there were circuits it suited, basically it was underpowered "We struggled for most of the rest of the year. The tracks in Europe didn't help the bike either and most of them were new to me. Whenever it rained we were in contention again. I won my second GP in the wet at the Nurburgring."

If there had been more wet races there is little doubt that Kevin would have won them, he totally eclipsed those who had previously been held up as wet weather experts. "At Imola in '88 I was three seconds faster than anyone in the wet. There was just one little spot that I found that made all the difference.

"From the start and finish you head off through some sweepers down to a tight left hand hairpin From that dead stop corner you accelerate away up the hill. If you used the line, running outside leaving the corner the track was just like glass and the tyre wouldn't pick up at all.

"During practice I had just come out of the pits and someone was coming behind me so I moved over to the left. There was a seam in the tar seal about two thirds of the way over on the inside. They had patched with a new surface on the outside. It was completely different on the inside, I had no wheelspin at all and just powered away up the hill, that was where I made all the time. It is little things like that that you pick up about race tracks that help you alot. You can save that for the last lap."

Czech Grand Prix 1988 and what shows on the posed Press photo is not always a fair representation of what is going on behind.


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