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Good 'ol boys Kevin and Wayne having a bit of fun racing cars in Australia at the end of 1993. A down under version of NASCAR Unfortunately Kevin modified his on the retaining wall.

Wayne Gardner. "I have the utmost respect for anyone who's ever won a Grand Prix, no, every one who's even raced in Grand Prix. Wayne won the World Championship in 1987 and that was a great accomplishment. I think that everything he has done for the sport, getting the recognition that he has, especially in Australia, is just outstanding. People don't always agree with Wayne Gardner the person, some of the things he says and does. There have been times when I didn't agree with Wayne Gardner the racer on the track but once we've got off the track it seems like we'd settle our differences pretty quick."

"He was great for the sport, he promoted it and did for it what a World Champion should try and do."

'His riding style I think was a lot like mine, he always rode into the corner really really hard and at times maybe stopped the thing in the middle a bit too much then turned it and fired it out. Once again I think that was dictated by the fact that it never seemed like the Hondas ever really did go through the corners well. It seemed like they were such a power house that you could ride them that way and get away with it. It goes back to the fact that just about anybody's riding style is dictated by the bike they are on."

You could see that when Eddie switched from the Yamaha to the Honda. He was not as fast and smooth through the corners but at the same time he didn't have to be because the thing was such a missile. He looked terribly uncomfortable at first but eventually got the bike to where it suited his style a bit more. He'd been on Yamahas for eight or so years and at that stage it would be pretty difficult to change your style of riding, you'd have to try and change the bike to match it."

Mick stands between Kevin and Daryl Beattie as they go over something of obvious humour.

Mick Doohan.

"He's got tremendous determination. Watching him ride at the end of '92, the condition that he was in. I don't think that there's many people out there who would have even attempted to get on the bike whether there was a World Championship at stake or not. Whatever it takes to get the job done, he gets out there and does it. Its determination, he doesn't care what kind of obstacles there are in the way he'll try and find a way around them."

"He's real good through the middle of the corners, he appears to carry quite a bit of corner speed. His style's a little bit funny, I guess I can really talk, my styles a little funny as well. He not a typical road racer, he really leans the bike over but he stays up on top of it and it doesn't seem to move around a lot, its real solid going in and turning the corners."

Plus the Hondas have always been fairly quick so him riding them through the corners well makes them that much harder to beat. A lot of the guys who have ridden the Hondas in the past have gone into the turn, stopped and parked them, turned them and fired them out. He seems to have his bike working so that he can carry speed through the corner and if you can't pass him in the middle of the corner or at least have a bit of drive coming out you sure aren't going to pass him in a straight line."

Luca Cadalora "Luca rode really well in Misano at the end of '93. He also won at Donington, though I think he would have had a hard time beating Mick, Alex and I, had we not fallen on the first lap. I think it took a lot of courage to stick it up the inside of Wayne and beat him like he did. I don't see how the team could expect him to do anything different. The guy had an opportunity to win a Grand Prix, there are guys who have raced Grand Prix all their life and never won a race so how could you expect someone in that position not to take the opportunity."

"If it had happened to me I would have liked Alex to sit back if we had been in the same position but I sure wouldn't have expected it. Maybe after he's won his first Grand Prix but to get that first one under the belt, could make or break your career. Also its a real confidence booster, following your team mate home you may never think you are capable of winning and you may never have another chance."

"Luca was impressive at Misano, he made some adjustments. When I was following him early on after Wayne fell, I was just sitting back here thinking, 'oh yeah, I'll just sit back here, then pass you and clear off.' "

"I tried to do that and the next thing I knew, the places where I was really dealing it to him he was back up the inside of me, back on the brakes doing this and that. He followed, he watched and he learned. I showed him some stuff when I got in front because I didn't think he could pick it up and change, I thought I'd clear off. He adjusted the way he was riding, changed things, came back past me and just fought the whole time."


Alex Barros "I think the first season he had was amazing. When they told me who my team mate was going to be everyone started acting very sceptical, including myself. I didn't think the kid had it in him. I felt that in three years at Cagiva he would have shown some promise if he was going to."

"It just goes to show that a team that will work to help you and a team that focuses its effort rider to rider instead of what the number one rider says can be a big help. Alex never seemed like he was happy with the Cagiva. That may have come from the fact that the guys above him in the team had them build the bikes they wanted and they didn't suit Alex. Lucky enough the Suzuki that we developed at the end of '92, to start the '93 season with was a fairly friendly bike to ride and it suited him."

"Alex has his own style of riding, its a little different to mine and he does things a little differently than most riders, maybe he rides a little bit like Mick but Alex still hangs off the bike a bit not sitting more upright over the bike trying to turn the bike underneath him like Mick does. There is nothing really that I can pick out that he needs to improve on. I think the Suzuki has helped him and he's really strong on the brakes."

"I'm glad there's somebody at Suzuki that is quite a bit younger than I am that can fill my spot, I think he's got tremendous potential. He showed early on that he could race and go fast but didn't quite have the maturity he needed to win. At the end of the season he did exactly what he needed to do, got out there and followed the group, watched everything happen in front of him and next thing he knew he was in the lead and it was clear sailing. You don't always have to he the fastest man in the race to win and having realised that I think you'll see a lot different approach in his racing."

"He seems to understand the set up pretty well. He seems to translate to the mechanics where the bike's problems are and lets them do the work and worries more about his effort on the track."

"He sets his bike up a little bit different to the way we do. It's not real different. If I had a bike that I liked during '93 and they didn't have a bike that worked they could set theirs up from my settings and Alex could do well on it. Actually he out qualified me at Mugello with the bike set up exactly like mine, same tyres, everything. Then I think he could probably have raced with us for the whole race but either he or his team engineer decided to try and outsmart everybody and run a little bit different rear tyre that was semi ceramic."

"As far as a person, he's young, enthusiastic, he enjoys the testing, he does whatever is asked of him. He's a lot of fun to be around, a little hard to understand at times but we've gotten over that and it's a good team. In fact I've never had a team mate I didn't get on with, I guess I've been very lucky there."

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