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Vernon Davis has never ridden in a Grand Prix but he has raced against Kevin Schwantz. "We first met at the local race in Austin, the Aquafest. He was riding Darryl's 500 single."

He was riding Formula One and I was riding the 'Lurchmobile', Doug Polen was there John Minnano was there. That was before Doug Polen was even marginally famous and before anyone had ever heard of Kevin."

"Kevin was on like the second row and I was in the third row. At the start there was a big pile up, John Minnano and Doug Polen got taken out by somebody who came across from the outside and cleaned up the whole front row."

Vernon Davis
That left Kevin and me in front. We got to the first turn and Kevin went in in typical, completely sideways approach, like you would on a flat tracker. It was a left hand turn 59 he had it all the ways sideways and down on the cases.... but it went all the way down and it spun away. I was right behind him and he was sliding along with his hand out. I almost ran over his hand except that he was aware enough to look up and jerk his hand back out of the way."

"I thought... what an impressive start I was on my way.... but then they red flagged it. Half the field was down, I was leading and on my way to stardom. I call that a hole shot. "

  Aquafest 1983 and Kevin lines up at the corner of Riverside and Civic to race round the roads of Austin. Darryl's leather's and Darryl's Yamaha 500 short tracker again, short track tyres, minniscule drun front brake, highy paid mechanics. With the backing of Hurst Tamaha and Marine it could have been an even less suitable vehicle for the event.

They had to clean up the mess, there was like five bikes down at the start. They stopped us. It was August and like 105 degrees, that's after top dead center. I hadn't met Kevin before, but we all came back around, they were carrying people and machines off the track here there and everywhere."

"Everybody else has their mechanic hold their bike while they attended to their makeup. We were just looking for any kind of shade and I wandered over to a clump of people and Kevin was one of those sitting there and I said, 'OK so who's got the drugs ' It kind of broke the ice of a tense situation and we just started shooting the shit, weirdness kind of gravitates together so that was how we met."

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