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Getting wet at Texas World or 'The Vern and Mark show episode three.' Vernon cannot resist having the opening line. "The rain race is Mark's story but I want to make sure he doesn't forget it. It was pouring rain and through these fast corners there's this kid Kevin passing every one, running wide open and he passes Mark through this fast sweeper.... with his foot down again... looking back at Mark and giving him friendly signals, one hand on the bar No one else can do that Kevin..." says Vernon directly at his friend. "In fact you can't do it, you just don't realise it"

Kevin interjects with a few words of explanation. "The thing was the race was being led by team Suzuki with guys like John Ulrich and Russ Paulk. The first time Russ came to this real deep river running across the track, he just almost stopped, tipytoed across and Ijust flew past, I guess I helped dump a tidal wave of water in his carburettors. They had been two or three laps ahead but they spent two or three laps clearing the water out of it. It was just too much fun passing these guys and soaking them one by one. The water was over the headlight on the FJ600 that I was riding with Brent Trimble."

Vernon explained that they had problems with the bike he was sharing with Mark. "We had put open carburetors on our FJ600 the week before the race to make it easier for Kevin to win."

Mark pointed out that the water produced some interesting effects. "If you could keep it going through the deepest section of water you noticed as you were going down the back straight the feeling of something hot on your legs. Looking down you could see that the pressure in the crank cases was blowing all the water out through the vent and the steam was blasting up on the bottom of the carburetors like old faithful."

Kevin and Brent Trimble with prize money, the trophies and the champagne, looking suitably impressed with the occasion

"Down the front straightaway it was raining so hard it was pouring out of the Grandstands like Niagara Falls. You could only see a silhouette of the rider going past the pits. It was moist."

Vernon said that it was just one of the incidents that made them realise that Kevin was something special. "We knew that something would happen to him, he was going to achieve something. We never thought of him hurting himself because though he would do some pretty wild stuff he would do it without any qualms, without giving the impression that he was risking his neck like other people would be doing."

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