road racing...

Kevin is no saint, and there were times in his youth when he caused his parents some concern, on one occasion, he crashed his Porsche into a house that was being moved by road. Shirley can laugh about it now. 'He wasn't intoxicated, he had just been at his friend Darren's house, he hadn't had the car very long and he was just driving too fast. He had only just left Darren's house, turned the corner then I'm sure he just floored it and there was this house in the middle of the road, they always move them at night and he didn't see it until it was too late."

The Porsche slammed into the house. "Both of the boys say there were no lights on the back. So they hit it I don't think it did too much damage to the house."

"The car was totally wrecked and it was parked outside the shop. Just about everyone who saw it knew it was Kevin's of course and they were scared to call because they thought he must have been killed in it."

Jim admits that there were times during Kevin's teenage years when he did drink and drive. "I did bail him out of jail more than once, said Jim. 'It was funny one time because he hadn't done anything wrong in fact. We got a call from the Giddings police. He and his friend Jay had left with two motorcycles to go to a race on Sunday. They were driving up on Saturday night with two bikes in the back of the truck. The police got behind the truck, checked out the license plates on the back of the road bikes they were going to race and one of them had been reported stolen."

"It was eleven or twelve o'clock at night. The police pulled them over, took them to jail. Kevin called us and said, 'The police say that Jay's motorcycle is stolen..' Now Jay had bought the bike from our shop. We knew it wasn't stolen. The thing was that it had been taken in on trade. It had been stolen from the previous owner who had got it back but never told the police it had been recovered. He had found it the next day in a ditch, took it home and did no more about it."

"The policeman believed our explanation but said he couldn't do anything until the judge got there in the morning. he said, 'and tomorrow's Sunday so he won't get in 'til after church.' "

"So finally the Police got hold of the guy in Houston who had reported it stolen but they didn't get out of jail until Sunday and they missed the race."

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