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'"Jerez was a really good race for us. After that I looked at it from the point that I couldn't see any good reason why I shouldn't be racing with the guys at the top on a fairly regular basis. Of course the guys right at the front of the race had gone, Gardner, Lawson, Haslam and I guess it was Mackenzie were well away. Then it was me Randy and Baldwin so I was racing with some big name guys. I was really really confident in the bike and what I was doing. I was starting to think that with a season or two of 500 racing under my belt I might be able to achieve something."

"I didn't look at riding the 500 as being that different to the Superbike. I hadn't really thought about it much and considered the things I could do different. The 500 seemed fun and real easy to ride because it was so light. At the same time it still wasn't a real high horsepower unit like the Honda or maybe even the Yamaha. At that stage it was still easy to ride and the power wasn't violent or anything like that."

Jerez 1987. The Happy Band who were in at the beginning with the first V four

"Once again, I was only twenty two years old and then everything you get on is fun, nothing's a problem. Especially something that is that big a step up in terms of importance. It could have been the worst bike in the world to ride and I still would have thought it was great."

"I guess Kenny Irons wasn't having much luck with the 500 but I must say I didn't think much about it at the time. I felt we were both on the same team, we both had the same chance. Most of the time we qualified pretty close but in the race I just seemed to finish a bit better than he did. He had a good ride and beat me at Le Mans, he was fifth or something. I fell off on the first lap, broke off the footrest, got back up and ran off again at the bottom of the hill after the Dunlop bridge. I got it turned around and finished a couple of places behind him.

"At Monza he and I were the last two people into the first chicane. My bike took about half a lap to clear out and I think his broke a clutch. I guess he had destroyed it trying to get the engine to clear out. They were all metal plates I think and were just all warped and twisted." U "I worked back up and I think I just squeezed past Mackenzie before the finish for a sixth or seventh. That was the year that Rob and Randy had their big scene on the last lap. Rob tried to dive past Randy, hit the back wheel and ended up doing a flying W into the hay bails."

"I felt that we had made quite an improvement with the bike through the year and without the mistakes I made at Le Mans we should have been right up there in the hunt."

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