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Mick Andrews won the World Trials Championship for OSSA, he ran trials schools then as he does now. It was to run one of his schools that he went to visit the Hurst motorcycle dealership. "I went there for the first time I think in '68 and went there every year I think, 69, 70 up to 72. I pretty much watched him grow up and develop as a rider, we spent a lot of time with them, several weeks at a time and spent a lot of time especially with Darryl. Darryl was never a trials rider, not like Jim, Jim wasn't a bad trials rider really."

"In a way I feel I had something to do with his riding we spent quite a lot of time teaching him to ride when I was there. It must have helped him in his road racing. I remember later on Kevin became very very good at off road riding in general, not just trials. With his Enduro bike and motocross bike he was extremely good, through the woods at their ranch."

Kevin watching a trials World Champion. "He would come out and run schools at our place. I don't remember that much about what he taught us, the main thing I remember about Mick Andrews was that he used to stay at my uncles place and as soon as I'd get off from schoolI'd go round and beat him at pool," recolls Kevin who was siz when Mick Andrews first gave his riding schools in Houston.

"I remember being out there and watching him but at that stage I was maybe ten and just wanted to get on and do it I wasn't being told about thatheory of it or the proper way to do things I had a real short attention span.

"I think though that there is no doubt that trials riding is real important in road racing. The thing is that it teaches you to get the most out of the package that you've got whether it's right or wrong. You can do a lot to get the best traction, to compensate if things aren't right."  

"You could see he had a special talent, you can pick that out but I never thought of him being a road racer, I thought he had the ability as a very good off road rider, like his uncle Darryl as a short tracker, half miler something like that. He was very talented."

"I followed Kevin's career and it is great to see how well he's done. I have always been great friends with Dick Mann and he would tell me how good Kevin was going to be once he got going in road racing."

"The trials riding would give him the throttle control and control of tyre grip. Watch him on the road racer and you can see that he's incredible at finding, letting go and then getting the grip back again, and that is something trials riders can do. You are sort of playing with the back tyre and in a sense you can play with the front as well. It came not just from his trials riding but all his off road riding, the ability to steer the bike by moving all over it not just with the handlebars. You steer it with body weight, weighting the footrests and things like that, Kevin's got that to a T. He's got that little touch that makes a champion.

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