way back when....

High school principal Mr. Larry Reap might be expected to remember Kevin as a kid more interested in riding motorcycles or other sports than his school work but that is not what stuck in his mind. "The thing I remember most is the Christmas tree. I remember Kevin going to Austin and cutting down the Christmas tree for the School. The senior class was responsible for the Christmas tree, he went and got it, no problem. It had to be a twenty foot tree, it was beautiful, it stood there in that main hall."

Trying to pick out a future world Champion from a school full of teenagers is just about impossible. "I don't think you could say he was going to be a World Champion, he had that interest in motor cycles and he was racing but I don't know if you can ever see that future for a kid."

But you can see that any time someone has the personality and the desire you can tell they are going to be successful, you may not tell what at. You can tell from their character, how they get along with people. You could see that in Kevin, there wasn't any of that sullen, Yeah!, What!, Ugh, it was 'yes sir' and 'no sir'. That is what I remember about kids and about Kevin, they might get into a little mischief but they were just kids."

He was just a typical high school kid that was going to do the things kids are going to do, the fun things. But along with that he was respectful and nice. He wasn't one of those kids that did something at somebody else's expense. I think most kids did in those days. They had fun at their expense not someone else's. They had some character, some morals and values."

"Skippin' school, going out to lunch. Back in those days seniors could go out to lunch but the underclassmen couldn't so they would get with seniors and go out to lunch. So they would hide down in the car as they drove by, the seniors would wave and say hello and the rest would hide down around the floorboards like we didn't know what was going on. There's nothing wrong with that, they weren't hurting anyone."

Slave Day at Spring Branch High School. Principal Mr. Reap is the King while Kevin looks less happy in his blue tutu than his classmatesdo in their little black numbers. As kevin explains it was all in a good cause. "It's your senior year and the girls get to bid for you at an auction in front of the whole class. Then they get to tell you what to do and you have to carry their books for then and all that sort of thing. The best thing was that there were three girls who bid for me, so my girlfriend at the time had to hand over $85 dollars. It goes to the class fund.

So I had to get dressed up and wander round like a dork all day. You got to about two out of the six classes because in your senior year on slave day you can get away with just about anything. There has to be some benefit associated with getting dressed up like that.

"People have trenched yards, wrapped houses, knocked down mail boxes for a 100 years, we did those things back in Arkansas back in the 50s when I was growing up."

"As for the time he spent racing, I think that if a kid is doing something that they enjoy doing I don't care what it is then they're not wasting their time. Because that's important to them, Motorbikes were important to Kevin. There's more to education than what's in a text book. That was what he was getting, another part of his education. And its been pretty successful for him. Plus he had the motivation to be successful because his parents were behind him. I think that any time parents are behind you in whatever endeavor you do that is a big help."

"When you talk to a kid you know whether someone raised him right."

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